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Employee Training Programme Adria-Neptun

It is a pleasure to be an employee of the Adria-Neptun spol. s r.o. Company

Are you asking why? There are lots of reasons, but at this point we want to inform you – our guests, colleagues, suppliers and other associated parties – about Adria-Neptun obtaining a grant from the European Social Fund in March 2010, aimed at the educational  programme under the sub-heading “How to Improve Services Provided in Gastronomy and the Hotel Industry”.

What do you expect from the programme? We are pleased that we were given the unique chance to increase our professional qualification, improve language skills, get better at working with a PC, develop personal dispositions for our work, learn to manage employees and motivate colleagues. And much, much more.

What does it mean for you– our guests? Do you think we do our work well and with feeling? When you come to us next time, you will be even more satisfied. Our target is a satisfied customer, who keeps returning, and our educational programme will help us to achieve this goal.

Are you interested in numbers? 80% of the cost of the project is financed from public budgets and the remaining 20% will be funded from the resources of the Adria-Neptun company. Our educational programme began on March 1, 2010 and will last for 30 months. During this period more than 60 employees will participate in approx. 70 various training sessions.

And what mustn’t we forget? To express our thanks to the Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability, through which the European Social Fund, the Capital City of Prague and the Ministry of Finance of the CR partially covered the financing for our educational project.

On these pages we are going to regularly inform you about the completed training sessions, about the new things which we have learnt and mastered and how our newly acquired knowledge will manifest itself in services rendered...

Press news on the initiation of the Educatinal Programm Adria - Neptun here.

Internal courses at full speed
An important innovation has taken place since May 2011 in our company - internal trainings conducted by internal trainers from group of the employees. Internal trainers prepared carefully on their new roles  and since May 2011 they have gradually begun training their colleagues in various fields. For example business and sales strategies, catering, computer skills, company economics, promotion and marketing, leadership, process management, presentation and sales skills, dealing with guests, access to guests, use of technologies and cost-saving measures. Internal training has great benefits - it is always made-to-measure, lector knows his audience and the topics are current. Internal courses will also ensure continuity of education after the our educatinal project ends.

We are looking forwared to / terrified of languages!
September 2010

We did not let the grass grow under our feet during the summer and commenced a detective investigation. What did we investigate? Surely, the best language schools in Prague. As we believe now, we have found them and we can start learn languages.

Our employees have undergone initial testing and they have been selecting from a wide range of language courses. We will attend courses of English, German, Russian and Spanish and language teaching will be implemented for 4 terms (winter 2010 - summer 2012).

Some of us consider learning the language a necessary evil (after all, there could be more pleasant things to do over the weekend than swotting vocabulary, couldn´t there?). Some of us look forward to broadening their horizons. In any case, all of us are full of expectations. Keep your fingers crossed that our expectation will soon change into enthusiasm.


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